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Doing a TV Program with someone I Disagree with.(1)

Have been watching your program with Bilal Qutub on Dunya news tv. As far as I know Bilal Qutub (through Professor Ahmed Rafique Akhtar’s books) is a student of Professor Ahmed Rafique Akhtar, another Sufi/Tasawwuf Scholar.
According to Professor Rafique ‘Hurufe Muqatta’at’ are 14 hard-disks of nature and all kinds of human information is stored in them and he (Professor Rafique) claims that he has been given that knowledge (by God) about those “Quranic Huruf e Muqatta’at” and whenever he hears somebody’s name, that person’s bio-data or information comes into his mind.
By using similar knowledge Bilal Qutub answers in Dunya news tv. Don’t you think such knowledge is another form of “Sufi” claims ? And why can’t be it Jinn’s who are misguiding them (reference to your article “Experiencing Jinn”) and is it correct to do such claims about Quranic verses or letters? If not, why don’t you stop him ?


Thank you for your message and for informing me about Bilal Sb’s views.
I believe each one of us is going through a journey of ideas. None of us is perfect. However, if our attitude is correct, we are likely to find more and more truth during the course of our journey.
I have many differences with Bilal Sb. But I find him a man with good attitude. Therefore I felt comfortable doing programs with him.
I don’t think that the hurufe muqatta’at theory of Dr Rafiq is correct. I see the influence of jinns in the ability men have in knowing about an individual’s details, otherwise no human has the knowledge of the unseen. There are certain unseen aspects for humans which are not so for jinns. Sometimes these jinns, some of who are evil Satan, share their information with some men. These men may or may not be aware of the fact that their source of information is jinns: They are made to believe that what they are experiencing are the courtesy of special powers conferred to them by God. I believe our friend Bilal Qutub and the respected Professor are also unaware of the source from where they are receiving their extraordinary information. They concentrate on the names given to them and information comes into their mind through jinns without them realizing that its from them. They are guilty of committing error of methodology but not intention in my humble opinion. Nonetheless it is a wrong thing to do.
Recently a student told me that he was introduced to Professor Rafique who mentioned some information to him about his personality. The student told me that some part of the information about him was correct and some of it wasn’t. That is typical of jinn-based knowledge: some part of it is correct and some is not. Information from God can never be incorrect.
The other concern for me is that reporting about the unseen world on behalf of God is the exclusive domain of prophets. If a non-prophet individual claims any such extraordinary abilities, he is being fooled by someone and through him others too are getting bluffed. The prophet, alaihissalaam, is reported to have said that wahy (divine revelation) has myriad parts (shades) and all of them shall discontinue after him except good dreams. Had the ability to tell information about others without any apparent source been a part of God’s scheme, the hadith should have included that too.