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Is it a trial or effect of black magic?

For the last three to four years me and my daughter, who is a student, are facing big problems. At every time there is a big failure. I lost my job without any reason, while my daughter is continuously having bad record in her education, though she is not so bad in her studies. Please help me out of these problems. Could it be because of any evil created by someone? If so, please tell me what to recite to get out of these problems, particularly of my daughter’s education.


There are four things I would suggest:
Keep trying, both you and your daughter. One or a few failures are not the end of the world. There can always be a turnaround in fortunes.
While you try your best, keep praying to God. He responds to prayers. However, keep in mind that His response may not always be the way you are expecting. Since He is the best judge, He responds in a way that is best for you, both from this worldly and that worldly points of view. Apart from that, you should recite Ayatul Kursi (Quran; 2:255) and the last two surahs of the Quran regularly, keeping in mind their meaning.
There is a possibility that you may be afflicted by some evil influence. The cure of it is done by some people who are experts in the field. I am not one of them. Many of those who claim to know about the field are quacks and thugs. So be careful.
Don’t forget that this world is a trial. Even if you are talented, deserving, and hard-working, there is no guarantee that you will get what you think you deserve. Even if all humans become absolutely fair, this life would still not be completely just, because it has been designed to be a trial. Both successes and failures are manifestation of that trial. God wants us to acknowledge that reality and He expects us to continue going through the trial gratefully and patiently.