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The Return of Jesus and Quranic Interpretation (2)

Sir, you mentioned:
“The Quran mentions many things that suggest that Jesus was not going to return.”
Its my lack of knowledge that I am not aware of any single Aayat or Hadis which mentions any such ascpect. It would be great if you could provide me with one.
Furthermore, Maulana Maududi might have mentioned it in “HIS” commentary, but Ibn-e-Katheer and a whole lot of other Mufassireen have mentioned otherwise. The return of Jesus is STRONGLY supported by Ahadis. Even in christianity, the return of Jesus is termed as the ‘second coming’ and he will bring peace to the world when he returns. A great lecture has been presented on this topic by Dr. Zakir Naik, “Was Christ actually Crucified?”.
The only way in which Jesus PBUH’s death can be proven is by renouncing Ahadis, and by writing a “new” Tafsir of Quran after 1400 years which defies all its previous Tafaseer.
We could go on and on by commenting on the Aayat of Quran, beacause it might be ambiguous. But after consulting the Ahadis, which are undoubtedly the best Tafsir, all ambiguity is erased.


I will write to you the detailed reasons of why I believe Quran is indicating that Jesus is not going to return only after I will feel comfortable that you take the Quran seriously.
I can’t write Quranic verses to a person who thinks that Quran is ambiguous and Ibn Kathir and the narrators of hadith have done a better job than the Almighty.
You have every right to consult Ibn Kathir and ahadith to understand the Quran so long as you are clear that these sources are secondary to the Quran. If you are bound to understand the Quran through these sources no matter whatever the Quran says then there is no point in mentioning the book of God because in that case you believe that the Quran says nothing or worse still, God forbid, doesn’t know how to say things clearly. How then is it a book of guidance?
The Quran clearly declares that it is a clear book (kitabe mobeen).