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The Final Day

We are all fast approaching a day when all human beings who had the opportunity of living in this world, in one period or the other, will assemble before their Creator. All voices on that day except His would be dumb silent; everything save truth would lose all value. It would be the Day of Judgement.
Only death is keeping us away from that day. We are all accelerating towards the ultimate end that would herald the beginning of a life of either everlasting pleasure or unending punishment. No moment passes without pushing us closer to that ultimate destination. Each sunset takes away yet another day from our present life, which is the only opportunity we have at our disposal to prepare for the next world. We have only a few days with us — days whose outcome, whether delightful or distressing, would be everlasting.
In view of this reality, it is highly significant that before death takes us away from the world of action to the world of requital, we should critically review our deeds in the present life, for if we don’t do so now, we are very likely to discover our worldly behaviour unsympathetically examined on that fateful day — the day when man, despite his earnest desire, would be allowed no more privilege for repentance nor reform.
Imagine the glory of the people that day who would be declared real obedients of the Master. Indeed they will be the ones truly honoured. His convicted offenders, on the other hand, will be doomed to ignominy; nothing would accompany them except punishment and insult.