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Suicide bombing against those civilians who aid the enemy

Is not suicide bombing allowed against the civilians who are giving their money in the form of taxes to their states who are targeting civilian Muslims? And if the condition of Jihad is [that it should be declared by] a ruler, then most Muslim rulers are the puppets of Western powers. Does it not make it a rule that would support the Western powers more than the pious, devoted Muslims?


If giving taxes by a civilian to a state that bombs civilian populations is a crime that makes him legitimate targets then the housewives who encouraged their husbands to go to the battlefield for fighting should also have been legitimate targets for Muslims. The poets who urged their warriors to fight the enemy should also have been considered worthy of getting killed. It seems that anyone we can imagine is helping our enemies directly or indirectly ought to be considered worthy of being killed. However, Muslim soldiers were asked to avoid targeting any of them except the combatant forces.
The law that you should have a ruler ‘imam’ to lead a war is an Islamic law.
No amount of emotional rhetoric can nullify it.
Even as a war strategy, this sinister way of warfare is arranging more Muslims to be killed and what is even more unfortunate is that Islam’s good name is getting tarnished through the evil thinking of these frustrated and emotionally charged Muslims who want to get rid of their enemies by hook or by crook.