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Sins under the influence of black magic

Recently I found out that my uncle and his wife have been doing black magic on my family especially me. People in my family have been doing black magic on me since I was a kid. Now, for 7 years mainly my uncle has been doing magic on me. The type of magic they did was to make me go crazy!
In this 7 year time, all types of weird and frustrating things were happening to me. No matter how much I would study I just couldn’t remember and I have been failing in schools and colleges since. The magic had captivated my brain in a way that I couldn’t think properly and if somebody would say something negative to me I would be too scared to answer back. My friends, all of them, started to me make fun of me which became too heavy on my head and spread false rumors about me. One day their magic made me brake into a friend’s recording studio and take all their things. Although my friend was the one who had been black mailing me but the way I fought back actually totally destroyed my reputation. This year when I found out that my uncle has done it I got rid of the magic and then a jinn/demon started to torture me and possess my body.
Obviously if there’s such a horrible magic on me I’m going to be negative! While I was under the effect I did a lot of bad things not realizing the aftereffects! Even though Allah showed me many visions of Qayamat to warn me not to do this and one day when I got ready to have sex with a prostitute because of a sick friend an angel came on my right side and called my name. This was warning number 2! But the demons and black magic had such a strong effect on me that I just couldn’t think and operate like a normal person. Since the magic has worn off I haven’t done anything thing sick like that and please pray for me that God keeps me and us all far away from sin!
My question is: Who will suffer; he or I? The magic created very frustrating situations around me forcing me to commit sin and be away from God! So, what is the truth and what do you think about my situation?


Indeed it is possible for someone to do black magic on others. However, the negative effect of it only shows if Allah Almighty allows it to happen. If it happens to someone, it’s a form of a trial (azmaish). The person should do sabr (be patient), pray to God for getting rid of it, and not blame anybody for it, because we don’t know for sure who did it.
If you did anything wrong while you were under the effect of magic, it was not your fault. If you have realized that what you did was wrong, just repent for it (do taubah) and try not to repeat it again. May the Almighty be with you!