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Seeing the Prophet (sws) in one’s dream

What is the significance of seeing the Prophet (sws) in one’s dream?


When a Muslim sees the prophet, alaihissalam, in his dream, there are two possibilities:
He has either seen the prophet in his/her dream and there is some message in it for him, or it is the devil who is deceiving him. In either case, it is for the one who has dreamt to decide on the basis of the nature of the message as to which category his dream belongs to.
Althougth there is a mention in a hadith that the devil cannot impersonate the prophet, what it means is that the devil cannot come in the appearance of the prophet in someone’s dream. The fact that a certain appearance resembles that of the prophet or not is something only the companions of the prophet can know, because they were the only people who had the privilege of physically seeing him.