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Is it wrong to say ‘Ya Muhammad’?

Why is there a conflict between the groups on saying ‘Ya Muhammad’ or ‘Muhammad-ur-Rasul-ullah’. Is it wrong to say ‘Ya Muhammad’?


When you say ‘Ya’ in Arabic, you are calling someone’s attention. Obviously, that expression alone is not enough. You then say something to the one whose attention you have sought. It is, therefore, for the one who says Ya Muhammad to explain what prompts him to do that. Apparently, there is some prayer that they want to direct towards the prophet, alaihissalaam. If that is the case, then it is seriously wrong, because it amounts to shirk for at least two reasons. For one thing, the one saying so is believing that the prophet is listening to what he is saying, like the Allah Almighty does. Secondly, he believes that like the Almighty, the prophet too has the ability to respond to his prayers. Both these understandings are obviously shirk.