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Saying God Instead of Allah?

Why do you use the expression God instead of Allah?


The Quran says “Tell them: Call Him by the name Allah or Al-Rahman (it makes no difference); by whatever name you call Him by (it hardly matters), because to Him belong all the good names.”(17:110) We also learn from the Quran that the name Allah was used by the polytheists of Makkah too. (29:61) In other words this name was not specially used by the Quran for the Creator and Sustainer of this world for the first time. Allah is used for our Creator in Arabic like God is used in English. When I am writing or speaking in English I will use the word for Him that is there for Him in English. By using Allah for God while communicating in English, we create a wrong impression in the minds of people that the God of Muslims is different from that of others. We should try to bring people close to God’s message instead of distancing them from it.