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Relations With a Qadiani Friend

I have a Qadiani friend. Can I visit her house? Can we eat together? What kind of religious discussion can I have with her?


You can visit your Qadiani friends house and she can come to yours. When she talks about religious matters listen to her with an open mind. Tell her that she too should listen to you with an open mind. If you have any questions about your religion, you should ask your scholars about their opinion and decide on the basis of your own honest, intelligent judgment. Like all other human beings, Qadianis too need to be invited by Muslims to know the truth about God’s religion. Like most other religious people they too believe in what their elders have taught them.
Qadianis think that our prophet, alaihissalam, was the last prophet in a different sense. Despite believing in his finality of prophethood, they still believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was another prophet as well belief in whose prophethood was necessary. They also believe that since we don’t believe that he was a prophet, we are Kafir.