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Recommended Method of Quranic Recitation

While reciting the Quran, I’d like to know where, during the recital, is one required to break, or how do we conclude the recitation of each verse. For instance, if there is a “LA” at the end, what needs to be done; alternately, how what if there is a “JA”?


Although there is no hard and fast rule about it, some people recommend the following pattern: The following symbols are in the descending of significance as far as the need of stopping at their appearance is concerned. In other words, it is strongly recommended that you stop in the first of these symbols (Meem) and desirable that you don’t stop in the last one (La). As for the those appearing in the middle, follow the descending order: Meem, Ta, Jeem, Za, Sad, Qaf, La.
Also, Qaf fay stands for the occasion where stopping is better. Sakta requires you to stop for a while without breaking your breath. Waqfa is for a longer Sakta. Sal, is for both possibilities: you may stop or continue. Salay is the symbol for reciting without stopping.