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If the Quran is clear why doesn’t it clarify ?

If Quran is a simple, open, clear book, why do we have to mail you verses to understand it? Why does Allah say in one place that quran is easy to understand, and then mention inferential verses in it? I read ali sina’s debate with you and this point of his seemed quite reasonable.


The Quran claims ‘tayseer’ for its text (54:17,22,32,40). The word means both ease and appropriateness. Tayseer in its text according to the Quran is for “al-zikr” (reminding). Quran reminds about the presence of God, the laws through which He runs this world and the reality of the hereafter. Indeed for that purpose it is a very easy and appropriate text.
However, the book also carries messages which are subtle and deep which require serious reflection. That part of the text is a trial of the sincerity and perseverance of the reader.
Moreover, when one reads the Quran, or for that matter any other text, from one’s peculiar perspective which is different from that of others who are also trying to understand the meanings of it, there are understandable possibilities of different interpretations of it. That again is a trial for all those who go through the exercise of it.
We claim not only on the basis of our faith but our experience too that if we do away with bias and unjustifiable attachment to our pre-conceived views, the Quran, if attempted to be viewed in the light of its own context, does give very clear meanings about each and every subject it touches upon.
Ali Sina has a right to say what he believes in. I can’t peep into his heart to make a claim that he is un-justifiably biased against Islam. Going by his remarks, however, he makes it unmistakably clear that he is a sworn enemy of Islam. Therefore, I have a feeling that he is not interested in any other interpretation of Quran save the one that creates an impression that the book is an unclear collection of incoherent statements that make no sense. My personal experience is very different about the Quran.