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Questioning Islam

Is it something wrong that sometimes one begins to doubt the authenticity of Islam and starts taking interests in ideologies like Marxism or Atheism?


Questions about the authenticity of the true message of God are quite natural. It never alarms me when they appear in the minds of young people. I have myself been through this process. There were scores of problems in my mind. However, I am absolutely confident that if you are sincere in your effort, the Almighty will take you out of the darkness of ignorance towards the light of faith. I have seen it happen in my case and I am dead sure that it happens in everyone’s case if the condition of sincerity is met.
However, what worries me is that the one who is involved in the process of learning should get into some moral problem that derails him from going towards the right path. At times people become biased for one reason or the other. They want to prove something wrong and make it a point of prestige to do so. As a result they only see and hear what they want to see and hear. Such are the people who are led astray by the Almighty Himself in accordance with what He has decided in His Law of Guidance. What I would urge you is to very be careful about your morals. Don’t allow yourself to be biased by one view or the other. Don’t be unnecessarily influenced by one person or the other. If you are honest in your probe, the Almighty will certainly show you the way.
I am surprised at the way sometimes people are fascinated by such ordinary stuff as Communism or Atheism at the expense of God’s message. Never forget that this life is going to end for you very soon. There are several examples of people who were living around us one day and the next day they were gone. Any ideology that ignores this fact is not worth looking into, because it is not addressing the most important issue of our life: death.
The reason why I am confident that every well-meaning person shall get the truth if he/she would seek it is that at some stage in one’s life one would start seeking answers to the real questions that stare at us even when we are trying to ignore them: Who created us? What is the purpose of our existence? Why is this worldly life unfair? What’s going to happen after death? No ideology other than the true message of God is capable of convincingly answering these ultimate questions about life.