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Can we undertake ‘qitaal’ for protecting our freedom?

Is jihad only obligatory when there is danger to people, Islamic beliefs, or nations? Does the misfortunate of our leaders snatching national reserves from us, forcing us to stay backward, come within this category? In such cases, can we do jihad for the freedom of our social interests and the prospperity of our land and culture?


Jihad is of two types: It is either struggle done through ones tongue, pen, and actions. Jihad of this type is not only allowed but highly desirable, and at times, even obligatory against all forms of oppression on all those people who have the abilitiy to do so.
The other Jihad is with the sword, which is also called qitaal. Such Jihad is only allowed to be undertaken under the command of a Muslim ruler. It is only a Muslim ruler (Ameer) who can ask the believers to join him in undertaking Jihad against an oppressive enemy, because in this Jihad, there is every possibility that human life will be taken. This is only permissible to be done under the Muslim rulers, who are also the only people authorized to impose punishments on the criminals.