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Handling people who do not listen about their mistakes

When ever you tell a person that he has done something wrong, he attacks you by giving a counter argument that you have done something wrong as well and people do wrongs to which might not be clearly stated in the Quran but they are morally wrong. And then for a moment the person is taken aback and he ponders over it. My question to you is how to counter such arguments and how to make others understand in such a situation.


There is no reason for you to counter any such arguments. God Almighty has decided that there is a definite condition which is necessary for guidance. That condition is willingness on the part of the individual who is to be guided. If an individual is not prepared to accept his fault, you can’t do anything to make him do it. You should therefore, just concentrate on telling others politely and intelligently what you think they should be doing. Do pray for them as well. Make sure that you are not committing the same wrongs which you want to remove from others. Also, if they point out in you something that they think is wrong in you, admit it if you think that they are right.