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Paid Academic Writings

I have a question regarding freelance academic writing. I have been writing academic papers for a website that is UK based. It has been two years now since I was hired by them. It is obvious that they use these papers as homework assignments for students.
When I started this work I asked several people whether or not this is haraam. I was told that since I am being paid for my labour and services, it is not haraam. Moreover, completing assignments cannot help a student graduate or obtain a degree until he/she does not pass his exams. Besides being an Islamic scholar, you have also been an instructor at LUMS so I would be grateful for your feedback on this issue.


I know worrying unnecessarily is not a great idea. But in this case the worry is genuine. If you are writing something which is a part of the requirement of a degree on behalf of someone and your contribution will not be acknowledged, this is plagiarizing, which is morally and ethically wrong for at least two reasons: you are playing an active role in deceiving others, and you are also violating a clearly specified rule of the society.
I would advise you to ask your employers to inform you honestly of the purpose your effort is serving or else quit the job.
In case you have to resort to the latter, God will give you a better job and will reward you enormously.