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Non clarity of God’s message

Why Islam is so easy to manipulate, anyone can use it for their own benefit in a perfectly acceptable religious manner. Why God made his message so unclear that its not possible for a common person to even understand ?


The message of God is simple and clear. It has only one condition for it to be understood properly: willingness to understand. The reason why people don’t understand it as clearly as it truly is that they don’t want to leave their existing views and prejudices. The evidence of what I am claiming shouldn’t be seen in the number of people who have understood it properly and those who haven’t. You make yourself available to understand it properly and you will see it yourself how clear it is. The only thing you need to do is to give it priority.
God has decided that if someone will not give His message top priority to understand, he won’t get it. It’s a fair expectation. The other possibility could be that the message should have been made available to everyone whether the individual was interested in it or not. In that case this message would have been one of its own kind: Unlike all other messages, religious or non-religious, it would have been clear to all whether someone was prepared to understand it or not. That’s not not how it works in this world. Also, this life is a trial of sincerity of individuals. If God’s message was to be available to both interested and uninterested individuals alike, it wouldn’t have been a test; it would have been a mechanical process. God has given humans intellect and freedom. He wants them to use their intellect freely and properly.