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Marrying a Catholic Girl

I am going to marry a catholic girl; would that be alright without her conversion to Islam? As she said, she would see and if I am able to prove my religion to her, she would convert thereafter. Please expound on the issue, if possible.


We cannot stop you from marrying a Christian girl when the Quran has allowed Muslim men to marry Christian and Jew women. However, when you are planning to take a lady for your wife, don’t forget that she will be your children’s mother tomorrow. If you feel satisfied about her character and possibility of conversion, it’s only then that you should go ahead. I would strongly recommend that you go through at least a few days if not weeks seeking the Almighty’s help in enabling you to make up your mind through the prayer of Istikhara (for the text and meaning of the prayer, please see “Procedure and supplication of Istikhara”. It is available in most books of prayers and invocations. Keep the meanings of the Arabic text in mind while praying to God Almighty through that invocation after saying your formal prayers. If you still feel good about the idea, then go ahead.