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Does the knee need to be covered when wearing shorts?

I have a question regarding bermuda shorts. In fact, for any clothing. You have stated that the area between the navel and the knee should be covered, but is it from navel to the above part of the knee or from the navel to the lower part of the knee?


This is interesting. This question is similar to the one where in there is a difference of opinion amongst the Sunni and Shia scholars on the question whether breaking of fast should be just when night begins or when some part of it has gone. In this particular case, I would say that although the beginning of knees is okay, because the hadith condemns especially the uncovering of thigh, to be on the safe margin if you cover the knees as well, it would be better.
If you have in mind that my answer, looking at it in the context of the Shia-Suni ‘ikhtilaf’ on breaking of fast, would make the Shia point of view appear stronger (if your mind doesn’t bother you on that, thank your God and forget about the issue), my answer is that, first, it doesn’t worry me. If their point of view is proved to be stronger in some cases, so be it. Second, the issue there is somewhat different in nature, because by breaking fast late, one is not complying with the requirement of the hadith which requires fast to be broken at the earliest. However, Shias do have a point as well.