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Is there any procedure in Islam to find out a thief?

I have heard from my friends and elders that in Islam there is a way to find the person who has stolen one’s good. My laptop has been stolen. I had all data of my previous four years’ educational career in it. I really need to find it. Can you tell me the procedure through which I can find out the person who has stolen my laptop?


Pray to the Almighty that you get your laptop back. Other than that, I can only recommend that you try to investigate on the basis of your information about people you know who might be of help to you and the place from where it got lost. Some people might suggest a way through Jinns. I wouldn’t recommend that process. It will cause more harm to you than good. It’s a trial (azmaish) for you. You should behave in it in the right manner. To me the right attitude in such situations is to pray to God, to do your best to find your stolen asset, and to leave the rest to the Almighty.