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Is a Necktie, a Religious Sign of Christianity?

Is a necktie, a religious sign of Christianity?


We do not really need to look into such things. The necktie is, quite obviously, just one feature of the Western dress, and it should be understood as that alone. I do not think anyone thinks of the cross – the religious sign of Christianity – when wearing a necktie or seeing someone else where it. It does not carry any religious significance.
I am not aware, but even if it has had its origins in the cross, that doesn’t seem to be the reason why people where it anymore. One needs to look into the significance it holds in the contemporary society in order to deduce anything from it – and you’ll agree that a tie is worn simply as a piece of cloth, complementing a certain Western dressing sense. Period. (For more on how to approach such issues, also refer to: “Dressing up for prayers and covering ankles”)