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How do we know that Islam is God’s message?

I am a Muslim by birth and a doctor by profession. I pray five times a day and try to follow the Islamic way of life. But I am a muslim only because I was born in a muslim family. I do not know for sure if Allah exists? Is Islam the true religion or Christianity or any other?May Allah forgive me for asking such a question but I want that when I am in SAJDA (prostration) I should be bowing wholeheartedly and not because I was told by my parents and my society. Please guide me in detail. Also do suggest me to read any further books if you think necessary.


What a good question, masha’Allah.
You are right in pointing out that we are Muslims because we were born into a Muslim family. And it is important that we be confident that the faith we have inherited by birth is the true faith as well. In order for us to be able to achieve that end, we should have an open mind that continues to question and look for the right answers, we should read the Quran to understand it, we should ask the Almighty to help us in knowing what the truth is, and we must not allow worldly obstacles to influence our pursuit for the right understanding.
My confident hope is that two things would happen, insha’Allah: You will gradually realise that Islam is indeed God’s message. But you will also realise that the version of Islam you are attached to is not completely correct. Moreover, if you will follow the suggestion I have mentioned above, you will always continue to look for more and more of truth.
Have an enjoyable journey from truth to more truth, from Islam to more of it.