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Is family planning allowed

Please inform me about the shari’ah viewpoint about family planning, particularly the concept of the masses that family planning negates the belief in God being the sole person responsible for providing ‘rizq’ to His creatures?


My brief answer to the question is that family planning is allowed in Islam if the following conditions are satisfied:
* The decision of doing so by the society and individual families is not for reasons that have to do with the fear of non-availability of food, but is based on a fair assessment of the parents that they will not be able to provide the right environment for the new child’s proper upbringing. This understanding should be clearly reflected in the campaign for the promotion of family planning.
* In no case abortion should be allowed, except when a mother’s life is in danger.
* Contraceptives should be made available only to married couples.
* No upper limits should be imposed on the number of children a family can have.