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Is covering of head necessary for Muslim women ?

I read your views on Hijaab.I find them quite different, because you reject the necessity of head covering. Almost all the Muslim Ummah believes about the head covering for women. Even in christianity, Bible says that if a women does not cover her head, then shave her head. If some evidence could be pointed out, it could be helpful.


The critical verse is 24:31. It uses these words, instructing Muslim ladies to adopt as one of the measures while interacting with men “walyadribna bikhumurihinna ala juyubihinna”, which means they should cover their chests with a piece of cloth (khimar). It is said that this chaadar was used by ladies of pre-Islamic Arabic society to cover their head but they didn’t use to cover their chests with it. The popular understanding of this verse is that since women were already covering their heads, therefore they need not have to be instructed about that aspect of the Islamic requirement. We believe that although it is desirable for ladies to do it, the evidence is not enough to make it binding on them.
The other aspect of the verse relevant to head-covering is the requirement that women should cover themselves up except for what is obvious (ma zahara minha) in case they have embellished themselves. We believe, in view of this requirement, that if women have done make-up or have used jewellery, they must cover their heads too.
The Jews were known for their unnecessary strictness in legal matters. The stipulation of head-covering may have to do with it.
The prophet, alaihissalaam, required Muslim ladies to cover their heads while praying; the Quran required them to cover their heads when there was a possibility of them getting teased and tortured (33:59). Umar, May Allah be pleased with, it is said, required slave-girls not to cover their heads so as to distinguish them from free women. All these facts also point to the understanding that head-covering for women was not ordinarily binding. And Allah knows the best.