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Hazrat Ayesha (RA): Marriage and age confusion resolved

I always wanted to ask the question about Hazrat Aisha?
People here always you know taunt us saying that Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H) had married Hazrat Aisha at the age of 9 and had husband and wife relation.Saying that this is Molestation.Please please give me a reason from Quran and Sunnah to describe them why he married at an earlier age.I mean why it was O.K.
A very good answer to make them understand.


The claim that Aisha, the wife of the prophet of Islam, was eighteen years old, two years after her marriage and a year before the consummation of it, is confirmed by the fact that her elder sister, Asma, who was ten years older, died at the exact age of hundred. She died in the year seventy-two Hijrah. This establishes her age at the time of migration to Madinah (Hijrah) as twenty-eight and that of Aisha as eighteen. Islam and the personalities associated with it became well known when Islam started dominating the political scene of the Arabian Peninsula. This only happened after the Hijrah. Prior to it, information was sketchy and unreliable. The only narrator who mentions her age as six at the time of marriage is the one whose memory became unreliable when he reported this information.

Age of Ayesha (rta) at the time of marriage – Urdu

Age of Ayesha (rta) at the time of marriage – English