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Hadith about women who have lost their children

This is in reference to the Hadith No. 101, Vol. 1, Book 3 of Sahih Bukhari, which says that those women whose three children have died will be shielded from hell fire because of them.
My question is that do the children who die within their mothers’ womb are also considered in this regard? With regards to this what is the status of miscarriages in Islam. I ask this because I myself have miscarried thrice.


The statement in the hadith is based on the principle of Quran that individuals are going to be rewarded by the Almighty on the basis of their performance. One of the most significant areas of an individual’s performance is in situations that demand Sabr (patience). If a person does Sabr gracefully and accepts the Almighty’s decision that has befallen him/her, he/she is most certainly going to be abundantly rewarded by Him. The Quran says:
“Those who endure with patience will be rewarded abundantly.” (39:10)
Therefore whether you have lost three children after they were born, or through miscarriage, or whether they were less than three, or whether you went through some other difficulty, all these details are only secondary in importance. What is important is that you had a God-sent trial which you endured gracefully. If you did that, you most certainly are eligible for the Almighty’s reward. The prophet, alaihissalaam, in the given hadith applied that principle for the consolation of some ladies of his times who had gone through the kind of trial that is mentioned in the hadith.