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Should we use God , Allah or Khuda

It is believed by Muslims that Allah is personal name of God , which I dont understand, how can God have name like us? I have been told by people not to use Khuda or God. I think Allah is word of Arabic and as a Muslim it means one God to me, so in the same manner if a Christian says Allah he will be saying according to his believes.
So if I use God or Khuda but have Islamic concept then what’s the harm in it?


There is no harm whatsoever in using any names for God which are used for the Creator and Sustainer of this world provided there is no hint of polytheism in them. The polytheists of Makkah used the word Allah for the God who created us. The Quran retained that expression because that was the only way of communicating the concept to the people who were to be informed about God. Had the book used a word they couldn’t have identified with, it wouldn’t have done the vital task of conveying the message to the people.
It is not only unnecessary to insist that only the word Allah be used for our creator, I believe, it also puts non-Muslims off. We should therefore encourage people to use Khuda, God, Jehovah, or any other expression that the user is justifiably employing for the one and the only creator. It is important to do so for the sake of Allah’s message, otherwise only Muslims will get attracted towards the message of Quran.