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Are Energy Drinks Halal

I am beginning to think that universities are artificial constructs illiciting unnatural behavior. My question is regarding these popular energy drinks available in the market. And I am not talking about glucose drinks.
Recently there has been this mushrooming of tourine drinks (super highly caffeinated drinks) which can help you put up one of those “nighters”which you pull off to save a sinking course. I do not think they have any alcohol (atleast it does not say so in clear wordings on the content listing at the back of the cans). Neither are they intoxicating but they obviously do have some sort of an effect since they do away with your sleep. Plus they are expensive and they are available everywhere.
When I bought one it made me feel guilty and when I drank it made me feel worse. It also made me pity the fact that how low we students can stoop.
So the question is that are all unnatural things, such as the drinks mentioned, Halal with respect to the spirit of the Shariah?


If the drink is not classified as an ‘intoxicant’, the Shariah does not call it Haraam and there should not be any problem consuming it from that side. It is your own responsibility to understand the health effects, if any, of such drinks and you should base your decision on such external factors with due consideration to your health. Only you can understand when you need such drinks and, therefore, you should make this decision keeping these aspects in mind.
It is important, however, to recognize that you have realized that this world is not an end to itself, but there is more coming up later. Do not let this thought leave your heart and try your best to do in this world that which brings a happy result in the Hereafter. This is most important.
This question was answered jointly by Muhammad Omer Iqbal and Dr. Khalid Zaheer.