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“Durood” on ‘Aal-e-Ibrahim’

Why do we say durood on the Children of Ibrahim (AS) in every salah – aren’t Jews also included in this category?


The word durood is a Persian word meaning prayer. It has come to be used in the sub-continent specifically for the prayer we make for the prophet, alaihissalaam. The word we use in the durood is “Aal-e-Ibrahim”. The word Aal encompasses in it one’s friends, helpers and followers. Likewise, when the Quran used the word ‘Aal-e-Firaun’ that were drowned, it was not only the Pharoah and his family, but also his followers, chieftains in his court and his supporters. Similarly, when we say ‘Aal-e-Ibrahim’, we send durood upon prophet Ibrahim’s supporters, helpers and followers. Those Jews that sincerely followed the right commandments belong to this category, and since they were on the path of truth they are also sent durood upon. On the other hand, those Jews who opposed prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and stood against him, or who knowingly corrupted their faith or misguided others cannot be classified as ‘Aal-e-Ibrahim’ and therefore, do not come in this phrase.
Same is true of ‘Aal-e-Muhammad’ and Muslims in the durood.