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Does Islam represent fundamentalist dogma that is incompatible with freedom, tolerance, coexistence etc.?

I dislike and vehemently oppose dogmatic Islamic principles that threaten our organic impulses of life, tolerance, pluralism, coexistence, freedom and peace. Islam opposes and Muslims reinforce opposition to unity, wholeness and the essence of what we call enlightenment. From its inception, Islam has been on the march for death and destruction with its narrow, divisive, closed and totalitarian dogma.
We never hear from Muslims when Jihadis behead innocent people while shouting Allah Akbar. Present day Muslims are the descendants of those who enjoyed freedom, spiritual enlightenment and harmony. Islam has liberated them from their spiritual tradition and enslaved them with fundamental Islamic dogma. Wholeness, unity, harmony, freedom, peace, and tolerance have been lost due to Islamic rigidity. Is there any Islamic state living in peace, practicing tolerance and freedom?
We are living at unique crossroads of the world with different culture, tradition, liberty and lifestyle. Can Islam tolerate differences, plurality, enlightenment? Jihadi terrorism and the suffering inflicted by Jihadis make us aware of the danger we pose from Islamic fundamentalists. Can Islam absorb interdependence and the dynamic interconnectedness of all human affairs. How long Jihadis can confront pluralism with outdated Islamic swords?
We cannot and will not hate Muslims as human beings. But we have a responsibility and obligation to enable Muslims to escape from Islamic brutality. Try to march towards freedom and develop human consciousness. Illuminate fellow Jihadis on what you know, how they can know and what need to know to lead a peaceful, progressive and enlightened life.


The dogmatic Islamic principles that you criticize are actually dogmatic Muslim principles. Islam stands for respect for all humans. It does criticize certain ideas as incorrect; however, it never allows anyone to impose his views on others. One of the few reasons why Muslims are allowed to fight against others is to remove fitna: religious persecution. If Muslims are themselves persecuting non-Muslims for the reason that those others have a religion different from theirs, then they are indulging in a crime against which God had commanded believers to fight.
The Muslim fanatics derive their understanding from a mistaken reading of Qur’an. You might ask as to why that mistake can’t be corrected if Qur’an’s message was so clearly peace-loving. The answer is that it is the emotional attachment to a certain view that causes people to be blinded from looking at what is true. If I may humbly submit, you too suffer the influence of similar blinding emotions. People like me, who want to promote the true, peace-loving message of Islam are threatened by two groups of fanatics: those who blindly love an extremist version of Islam and are not prepared to reconsider it and those who blindly hate it.
How can Islam afford to annoy humans and thus cause them to be pitted against its message when that message has been designed to be disseminated to all humans all across the globe? Those who are causing Islam’s message to be blocked because of their wrong behavior — whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims — are the real enemies of Islam.
You might ask as to what is so special about the message of Islam? The answer to it is that humans are desperately looking for answers from a completely reliable source to the following questions: Who is the great benefactor who created us and how should we pay Him back His kindness? Whom should we resort to for personal contentment and confidence when we feel vulnerable? Why is this life inherently unfair despite its tremendous blessings? And why does life come to end when human soul craves for eternity? These are the real questions each one of us is confronted with and Islam provides clear answers from a source that is remarkably authentic. I am not suggesting that other sources don’t provide any answers to them, but in Islam those answers seem to be clearly appearing from the Creator Himself.
The slogan that we would like to make this life peaceful and comfortable is hollow and unachievable. Who doesn’t know that we are living in a world where everyone comes only to go? To make a commitment to make this world a wonderful place is like telling the inhabitants of a city that their railway station and airport are going to be made extra luxurious. Who would care if that happens if the homes they were living in were hopelessly unlivable? Likewise, the real question is not this life; the real question is that life. Indeed it is the morally correct behavior here that is going to cause one’s eternal life to be pleasant. That is what the message of Islam is. And what’s wrong with it?