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Did the Prophet acquire Allah’s attributes? Where does our will come if fate exists?

Assalamualaikum brother
1)I would like to know that whether our dear Prophet Muhammad S.A.W gained all the attributes of Allah subhanawatallah before he went from this world
2)if Allah has already written our taqdeer (fate) then where does the choice of our will fit in ?
I will be glad if u will be able to answer them
thanking u


Assalamo Alaikum Asad
The greatest honour for our prophet was that he was the servant of God (Abduhu). There is no question that he could have acquired the attributes of God before his death. Indeed he had acquired the best attributes a human could acquire. In doing so he did not become another Allah; instead he became one of the best Abdullah (servant of Allah).
Allah Already knows two things: The acts we will do in the future and the fact that whatever we will do in the future, whether it is morally good or bad, we will be rewarded or punished for doing so, because we will do those acts on our own volition and would not be affected by God’s prior knowledge of them.
Allah Hafiz.