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Destiny or Mistake

I am a medical student, a mediocre one. I make a lot of mistakes, blunders in my professional life. At times i get depressed thinking that i am not good enough to be a doctor, because i am not that hard working anyways when i do something wrong my friends say it was in your ‘qismat’ fate, you did your best, but I want to know, how do we know that whatever we did, was it written in our fate ‘qismat’ or was it my mistake. And how do you know that you actually did your best. I mean sometimes I work hard for some tasks, but I am not sure if my level of hard work was actually the required level or not. In a nut shell, how do we know that it was in our fate or it was your mistake? and how do we know we did our best and did not get what we wanted because it was not in our qismat?


Your fate is what is known to God. In matters of our worldly achievements, what is in His knowledge are two things: You will achieve something because you had opportunities, you had capabilities, and you worked hard enough for it. What is in your fate is not always imposed on you. In many cases you choose to do or not to do something enough and you get the ultimate outcome of it. What you get is already known to God. But His knowledge of it doesn’t affect your performance and result.
It is normally a combination of a number of factors that decide if you worked hard enough or not: Your stamina, your opportunities including environment, the need for work, your interest, and how much your peers worked. At the end of the day, it is not quite as much your result as your inner self that tells whether you worked hard enough for something or not. One can deceive everyone else but not one’s own conscience. If you are in a habit of hearing the voice of it, it will tell you loud and clear if you worked hard enough or not.