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Consuming Hash

Can you please tell me about hash. It seems that its not exactly intoxicating. Is it haraam? If yes, are cigarettes haraam as well? What’s the difference?


Intoxicating drinks are haraam in Islam. By the same logic, other intoxicating edibles also are haraam. Intoxication is the action or power of highly exciting the mind. It is an elation beyond the bounds of sobriety. One gets stupefied by consuming something intoxicating and his decisions cannot then be based on rational judgement. As a result, the individual thus intoxicated is capable of doing things that are immoral without realizing it. Addiction also results from consuming intoxicants, but it is not a necessary part of it. Cigarettes do cause addiction to many people, but normally their consumption doesn’t intoxicate. Therefore, although smoking is not a great habit, it is not haraam. It can only be described as morally reprehensible i.e. Makrooh.
Given the above understanding, make up your mind about hash, as I am not aware of its effects on the junkie (one who consumes hash).