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Confirming meat when bought in a non-Muslim country

I live and study in Germany, and buy my grocery from a Turkish/Lebanese shop. They say it is halaal, but I think they just say it so that people would buy from them. Is it ok if I still buy from them?


The general principle is that if someone reliable tells you about something, you would accept his statement. However, if the statement is important, it is advisable to confirm it. In case the person reporting is not reliable, it is important the report be investigated first before you take any action. The Quran says:
“O believers, if an evildoer comes to you with some news, verify it (investigate to ascertain the truth), lest you should harm others unwittingly and then regret what you have done.” (49:6)
You can follow one of the two approaches: Either continue buying grocery from his shop but start investigating from what ever sources are available with you. If you get confirmed report about the claim of the person, then base your future strategy on that. The other possibility is that you wait for the confirmation of the claim of the shopkeeper before you take a decision. Your decision of going for either of the two strategies would depend on your understanding whether you hold the person reliable or not.