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What is the concept of Hoor in Jannah?

what is the concept of a ‘hoor’? what exactly is a hoor, and how does the whole misconception about suicide bombers being rewarded with ’70 hurs’ arise?


Hoor means wide-eyed women. The Quran tells us that if we perform well in this worldly life God is going to provide us with another one where we will have all the good things we can dream of and much more. One of things men from the Arabian society really desired were wide-eyed women as wives. The Quran has provided a similar promise to women as well when it says that pure men would be for pure women and pure women would be for pure men.
If suicide bombers are doing their acts of devastation for the sake of the wide-eyed Hoors, in order them to get Hoors they will have to first justify their crime against humanity before their Lord. They will need to explain as to why they made a joke of God’s religion by perpetrating worst crimes against humanity, claiming that they were doing them to please their good God.