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Becoming angry due to a medical condition

I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, that is, episodes of depression and maniac. Although I am taking medicine, and offering namaz, I usually become angry and say things that I really resent later on. How do I overcome this habit of mine because I am becoming a nuisance for my parents as well as the society? I would be grateful for your help in this regard.


I would suggest that you go through the cure that you doctor is offering you. Taking it as seriously as you would take a religious duty. Keep saying your prayers regularly and keep asking the Almighty to help you out in this trial. Whenever you realize that you have done something wrong to others, apologize to Allah Almighty and to the person affected immediately on realizing. Don’t ever hesitate in apologizing even if you have to do it repeatedly several times. Tell the person affected by your misbehaviour that you have a problem which is beyond your control. Insha’Allah, the Almighty will not hold you responsible for a wrong behaviour that was beyond your control. The Quran says:
“We never burden a soul with more than it can bear.” (7:42)