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Allah or Khuda ? Is Islam at odds with how we address the Almighty ?

During your program ‘Safr e Hidayat’ dated 18-04-2007,a question was posed to which your response was totally illogical.
Your stance was that while talking in Urdu, one uses the word “KHUDA” for Allah because the Urdu language has this only word; imported from Persian. This is ridiculous.Why do we have to rely on Persian, why not Arabic from where we can get what is desirable.In ancient Arab times as well,the word ALLAH had always been used for ALLAH RABB UL IZZAT only.
Dr sb,the use of word khuda or God or any other of any language for which a corresponding plural exists gives an unacceptably bad taste of SHIRK.


Assalamo Alaikum
If it does to you, please don’t use it. But you can’t insert your taste into a language. I used the word Khuda in Urdu without ever imagining that there is a possibility that I am using it for anyone except my creator. I agree that Urdu has accepted Allah equally for Him. However, the fact that Khuda is Persian and Allah is Arabic makes hardly any difference. Urdu has accepted both for the same purpose. If somebody is not comfortable in using Khuda and finds Allah more acceptable, he is most welcome not to use the other word. However, he cannot impose his own taste on others in language when another word is being used for the very same purpose without the slightest of possibilities that it is conveying a sense of shirk in it.
If your logic were to be employed, we should not even use God in our language for Allah. The fact is that such a policy is going to draw non-Muslims away from us for no good reason. We would be unnecessarily creating an impression that we want an Arab understanding of God and Islam. God and Islam are meant for the entire world. And let the message of God remain like that.
Allah Hafiz.