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Plucking eyebrows

Scholars usually state that the shaping of eyebrows is completely haram, mainly due to the reference in which the Prophet (sws) “curses the women who pluck as they change the natural shape that Allah has created.” What is your opinion on this?


I believe that the scholars who have opinions against plucking of eyebrows are those who have understood the meanings of certain ahadith, in my opinion, incorrectly. The ahadith under discussion are the ones that are condemning the act of tattooing on the face that was practiced by some women. That act necessitated their faces to be actually ingraved for the purpose of getting the figures created. The prophet, alaihissalaam, expressed his displeasure at it. If plucking of eyebrows is to be condemned then removing hair from above the lips should likewise be condemned. That would mean that in case of some women at least, they will carry light moustaches on their faces. The Almighty wants wives to appear attractive for their husbands or else the chances of them getting into trouble elsewhere would be enhanced.